Upcoming Open Houses

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Open House or Private Tour?

Open houses are a great way to get a quick casual look at a home.  You may be at the home with other buyers and the host agent usually works for the seller.  On a private tour you will be with an agent that is representing you and your interest.  You can also plan a private tour for a time that is convenient for you.

What to look at when touring the home?

Many buyers feel uncomfortable opening closets and cabinets ect.  If you think this may be the home for you, be sure to look in these different areas to make sure there is no damage.

You love the house now what?

It is important that you know who your agent represents.  Many buyers, when visiting open houses or new construction model homes do not realize the agent is working for the seller.  Make sure you understand who the agent represents before you give them too much information.

People over Properties™

Brad has been a REALTOR® for over 20 years and has always put people first.  If you want an agent that has your best interest in mind and not their next sale. Reach out to Brad with your real estate questions.

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